Monday, October 31, 2016 – Temple 77 (Doryuji), Temple 78 (Goshoji), Temple 79 (Tennoji), Temple 80 (Kokubunji) & Temple 81 (Shiro-mineji)

Hard to believe we are now doing the temples in the 80’s. The plan is to do Temple 88 on Thursday. I write this blog with mixed emotions.

The day started with a wonderful morning prayer service at Zentsuji Temple 75 (Kobo Daishi’s birthplace) followed by breakfast. It is a huge temple. After the morning service we got to tour the basement shrine in darkness.

After breakfast we headed for the Zentsuji train station and took the train close to Temple 77. On the walk to Temple 77, a nice couple and their son stopped us and gave us osettai of a small ohenro statue.

I received one from them on my last two pilgrimages. I am always amazed at all the bicycles at the train station, as many school kids bike to train station and then take train to school.

Here is a picture of Temple 77.

On the way to Temple 78, we passed a local mochi shop, so thought I would support the local business and brought a couple mochi sweets for later with tea.

Here are photos of Temple 79.

Here are photos of Temple 80.

Temple 80 had a footprint statue I took for Andre.

On the climb up to Temple 81 we got a nice view of Sakaide City.

At Temple 81 the Japanese maple trees were starting to change colors.

Here are the rest of my pictures from Temple 81.

At Temple 81 we met five ohenros from Australia/New Zealand. They were fun to chat with and were off by taxi to Temple 82.

Finally, one flower picture for my mom and Auntie Laura. Saw allot of flowers like morning glories and ones I have already taken photos of. 

It is starting to get cooler in the afternoon and early morning. Hopefully the rain will hold off til we finish. Planning to do three Temples tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Monday, October 31, 2016 – Temple 77 (Doryuji), Temple 78 (Goshoji), Temple 79 (Tennoji), Temple 80 (Kokubunji) & Temple 81 (Shiro-mineji)

  1. A nice picture of a couple and their son,It look kids still drive their bicycles there too..You did 77,78,79,80,81 temples already,not many more temples left,a lot of good looking sweets in temple 78,that one flower you took a picture of is very beautiful.How is your legs and feet holding out.,with all that walking you are doing, also the photos you took so far are very beautiful, you will soon finish with walking all the temples and coming home,take care love Mom.


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